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  • Goddess’ dance in the round moon – Nanjing Museum visited the kindergarten on Mid Autumn Festival
  • Source: 2013-10-31
  • According to the report from our correspondent on September 26, 2013, on the eve of 2013 Mid Autumn Festival, the staffs of Social Service Department of Nanjing Museum visited Nanjing Taiping Road Kindergarten. They told stories, played games, sang and danced with the children to celebrate the festival.
    In order to attract the attention of children and enhance festival atmosphere, the staffs wore costume, became Chang’e and introduced them the origins and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival in the classroom, and the knowledge of cultural relics related with Mid Autumn Festival, then the children played as "little rabbits" and danced to "Goddess rushing the moon" with the staffs. In addition, they jointly made moon-cake-shaped refrigerator pastes. 

    The traditional charming and innovative activity encouraged the children to learn new knowledge in the thick atmosphere of festival, enhance practice ability and spend the mid autumn festival happily, thus it was loved by all of the children, teachers and parents.