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  • Looking for new perspective of special services, opening up new world of further education
  • Source: 2013-10-31
  • According to the report of our network on August 27, 2013, the service for special groups is indispensible from Nanjing Museum’s social services. For a long time period, Nanjing Museum’s social service providers have made great efforts to develop special channel for these groups to understand history and experience cultures. On 2013 May to August, these providers visited Nanjing School for the deaf and the mute and Nanjing College of special occupational education, with "cultural beverage", and sent students best cool greetings. 
    Most of the deaf and the mute major at art and design, the service providers conducted Nanjing Museum element as my inspiration - daily necessities design competition on campus" series of activities, according to students’ acute sight, with the color, shape and pattern of ancient porcelain collected in Nanjing Museum as focus. In the activities, large amount of pictures and video were displayed, including Ferrari sports car inspired by glaze feature of Song Dynasty Ge kiln’s porcelain and blue-and-white porcelain fashion favored by stars such as Fan Bingbing, all of which perfectly integrate classical and modern elements, reflecting the "classic, heritage and practice" features.
    The activities stimulated students' creative inspiration, and they expressed their love toward history and museum. Some students even actively joined the volunteer team, hoping to serve those special groups who love museum with their own strength.