• Permanent Exhibitions
  • Ming and Qing porcelain museum
  • Chinawas one of the Ancient civilizations who first used bronze melting technology.  Xia, Shang and Zhou dynastiesare the glorious eras in the history of Chinese bronze.The Bronze Ware Pavilion of Nanjing Museumdisplaysexquisite bronze wareswhich are unearthed from Jiangnan region. Different from the northern bronzes which are powerfully dignified, they show the unique small and inspirational characteristics of Jiangnan implements. From the late Shang Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, there are five parts displaying in accordance with food and drink wares, musical instruments, military musical instruments, washing wares and display instruments. There is an inlaying bird geometry grain copper pot which employs silvering decoration with turquoises. The modeling is delicate and flexible with scarce girdling in bronze wares. Three legendary god birds are its feet. The flying swan goose on the top implies great ambitions. It can be only used by senior nobilities in Warring States Era. These exquisite bronze boutiques are like mirrors to show us the rites and music civilization in Chinese Bronze Age.

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