• Permanent Exhibitions
  • Ming and Qing porcelain museum
  • Nanjing cloud pattern brocade is a specialty of Nanjing. People call it cloud pattern brocade because it is as beautiful as the cloud. Suzhou Song brocade, Sichuan Shu brocade and Nanjing cloud pattern brocade are called three Chinese famous brocades. During the time of Nanjing brocade declaring human nonverbal material cultural heritage, Nanjing museum carefully selects more than one hundred typical works to display from the hundreds of Yuan Tibetan cultural relics, which enables people to directly understand its craft and cultural connotation. Nanjing brocade pavilion has a large brocade jacquard loom, which demonstrates the producing process for visitors. The weaving process of Nanjing brocade is currently the only weaving process that can not be replaced by machines. Two cooperate with each other one day could only weave 5-6 cm, so there is an argument "an inch of brocade, an inch of gold". The second floor of the Nanjing brocade pavilion has rich Suzhou embroidery boutique, where visitors could enjoy the performance of the embroidery lady. Nanjing brocade is not only as beautiful as clouds, but also a living fossil of the national cultural heritage for thousands of years.

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