• Permanent Exhibitions
  • Ming and Qing porcelain museum
  • Porcelain is selected as one of the four great inventions of ancientChina recently, and is the most representative ancient trade goods which can help the world comprehendChina. Porcelainsof Nanjing Museum collections are abundantand exquisite, and the vast majority is handed down from the era of Ming and Qing dynasties.The porcelain exhibitions of Ming and Qing Dynasties on display is nearly 600 pieces whichis from the Ming Dynasty Hongwu to the Qing Dynasty Xuantong, with exhibits varieties of over 10 kinds including blue-and-white, the five colors, underglaze red porcelain, etc. Among these, there is the earliest ever found glaze red plate, the precious and popular little enamel bowl.With the clear era line of display and rich varieties, it makes person enjoy the feast and linger on.

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