• Permanent Exhibitions
  • Ming and Qing porcelain museum
  • Qin Garden, at the end of the gallery on the first floor in our exhibition rooms, was built by drawing the features of “ancient, simple, dainty, elegant” from Suzhou Garden. Suzhou Garden enjoys the good reputation of “The gardens on Jiangnan are the best of the world, while the ones in Suzhou are the best of Jiangnan.” The roads paved by cobblestones in the garden meander forward, with tree-lined, winding galleries, gurgling water, valiant bamboos, rugged rockeries and a peaceful, deep and ancient well. The brick carvings of Qing Dynasty depicted vividly, and portrayed historical events of the Spring and Autumn Period, legends of the Water Margin, beautiful stories in Qinhuai area, etc. After your visit, Qin Garden is a good place for you to have a rest.

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