• Permanent Exhibitions
  • Ming and Qing porcelain museum
  • The Treasure Gallery located on the first floor is the best of all the art galleries in Nanjing Museum. The exhibitions are mainly the first-class cultural relics and national-class cultural relics of our museum, and also the symbols of the spirit of the time and social progress. The exhibitions include the culture essence of all periods, including the Jade Cups and Jade Congs of the Liangzhu period, gold-plating lamaist pagodas of Ming Dynasty and the emerald court beads of Qing Dynasty, in which a copper bull lamp of East Han Dynasty was exquisitely designed and had unique environmental protection awareness, taking the leading position all the time in the lamps and lanterns history in the world. Until the middle period of the 15th century, western countries just invented a kind of iron sheet smoke-diverting lamp, lagging behind our country as many as 1500 years. The Treasure Gallery, concentrating essence of all dynasties, can be looked as the result of ancient Chinese culture and wisdom. It witnesses the long history of Chinese culture and verifies the glory of the long history.

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