• Exhibition of Regional Museum Topic Exchange Document
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-11
  • To build a platform for regional inter-museum communication and optimize resources in the museums, Nanjing Museum hereby holds this Exhibition of Regional Museum Topic Exchange Document, collects information and data related with geographical and cultural featured outstanding exhibitions of 50 domestic museums, and shows some of their exchangeable boutique exhibitions, with rich content, attractive theme and active atmosphere. Zhang Jianhua, Vice Director of Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Director of Provincial Cultural Department, attended the opening ceremony and addressed a speech.

    For the general public, museum is an ideal place to receive education of history and local development, knowledge and excellent tradition, one place to enjoy arts and experience cultures, a place to improve quality and character. By means of exhibition, the staffs’ productive content and form design help to integrate all kinds of cultural relics with no seeming direct relationship into a popular mutually connected theme exhibition with strong ornamental effect. The exhibited cultural relics can tell stories, correctly interpret the history, and vividly display the brilliant technology and art in the past; the good service encourages the public to deeply appreciate the ancient civilization and learn from the ancestors’ wisdom, and make museum visiting gradually become a style for modern people to enjoy leisure life and experience culture and art.

    This exhibition aims to promote exchange of cultural relics, and place the exquisite feast composed by traditional art, history and culture reflected by cultural relics in museums full of artistic atmosphere, so that the audiences from more areas can enjoy the results of cultural development and the dinner of cultural service.


    Exhibition time: May 14, 2010 -- June 14, 2010 (tentative)

    Venue: Nanjing Museum, Art hall

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