• 2010 Magnificent Tiger - Exhibition of Nanjing Museum’s fine tiger-related relics
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-01
  • Details

    Tiger has been an important object of artists’ observation, drawing and writing, and creating since ancient times. Tiger’s power, magnificence and vigor have inspired the creativity of oceans of artists who thus create a large number of tiger pictures and tiger handicrafts relying on their unlimited imagination, and bold innovation, with different materials as carrier, embracing high artistic value and appreciation value. Tiger is a symbol of nobility, victory and honor, as well as courage, power and force. There have been many idioms, proverbs, allusions about tiger. The spirit of progress and ambition can still stimulate us today, and tiger has become the symbol of social progress, economic prosperity and civilization nowadays, with which the objective of Nanjing Museum’s exhibition is consistent.


    Nanjing Museum possesses hundreds of tiger-related relics, of jade, stone, bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy, embroidery and New Year paintings ranging from Shang and Zhou Dynasties to modern age. Since the year of tiger is coming, Nanjing Museum carefully selects dozens of tiger-related relics for exhibition, sincerely wishing the audience good luck, longevity and health!


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