• “Distant image” Sketch & Chinese Painting Exhibition - to commemorate 105th anniversary of Fu Baoshi’s birth
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-01
  • Details

    “Distant image” Sketch & Chinese Painting Exhibition (to commemorate 105th anniversary of Fu Baoshi’s birth) will be impossible without Fu Baoshi family’s twice generous donations, namely Fu Baoshi’s 365 Chinese painting works donated after the "Cultural Revolution" for the first time and a large number of Fu Baoshi's works donated two years ago for the second time, including 346 sketch drawings. This exhibition means memory and recall of this master, and provides an opportunity for artists and audiences to study and understand Fu Baoshi’s sketching and Chinese painting. 

    Fu Baoshi not only created his own powerful and perfect style, and led Jiangsu artists to travel for 11500 km for sketching, so that Jiangsu's landscape painting ranks top inChina, and becomes the typical of innovated Chinese paintings after 1949. Thanks to the outstanding artistic achievements, this outstanding group has become known as "Jiangsu School of Painting (New Jinling School of Painting)".

    In this exhibition, over a hundred of Chinese paintings and sketch drawings created by Mr. Fu Baoshi at different stages are displayed. Different form previous exhibition of Fu Baoshi, in this exhibition, the sketch drawings directly correspond to Chinese paintings, which clearly show Fu Baoshi’s different styles in sketch drawings and painting, as well as the organic connection.


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