• " Zijin Mountain style" - Lu Yongcai Chinese Painting Exhibition
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-01
  • Details

    Zijin Mountain scenic area, one of the first batch of national key scenic areas, covers 31 km2, holds well-blended harmonious mountain, water, city and forest. The three key sites, namely Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Ming Tomb and Linggu Temple, carry "six-period cultures" (the Six Dynasties culture, Ming Dynasty culture, the Republic of China culture, Buddhist culture, landscape culture, and ecological leisure culture), and embrace more than 200 sites, including 1 world cultural heritage, 16 national key units for cultural relics protection, and 26 provincial or municipal heritage units. Water and mountains are mutually embraced, while mausoleum and woods are integrated, with far-reaching extension and deep connotation. The landscape resources richly endowed by nature and the high-surging and sweeping-forward history attract over about 5,000,000 Chinese and foreign tourists each year. Zijin Mountain is worthy of "China’s first mountain of humanities".

    Lu Yongcai’s "Zijin Mountain style" works series present the diverse and attractive natural landscape of Zijin Mountain scenic area, and praise its well-blended harmonious mountain, water, city, forest, monuments and scenic spot rich in with magnificence. Under his pens, the well-proportioned, false and true, extending forest and the towering majestic mountains highlight the cultural connotation of Zijin Mountain scenic area, coupled with poetic sense, so that the viewers seem to wander there in person, and they can appreciate the artists’ ability of scene depicting and the competence to abstract the real scenery. 


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