• Clear Mind Pool Art Exhibition of Purple-Clay teapot of Zhu Jianglong
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-11
  • On the morning of October 16th, 2010, Clear Mind Pool  Art Exhibition of Purple-Clay teapot of Zhu Jianglong“ was opened in Nanjing Museum. By taking purple-clay teapot, which has a long history, as the carrier, Mr. Zhu Jianglong shows his inheriting and carrying forward the tradition. In the cognition of the artistic innovation of purple-clay teapot modeling, he also appears willing to learn technologies and temper his disposition.

    Zhu Jianglong, a native of Yixing, was imperceptibly influenced by seeing and hearing about purple-clay teapot in childhood. Over the years, under the careful guidance of Ms. Zhou Guizhen, a craft master of purple-clay teapot, Zhu Jianglong has made rapid progress, so that the purple-clay teapots, made by him, inherit the subtleness of the tradition, so as to obtain a lot of praise from the experts on the exhibitions at home and abroad. In his creation of purple-clay teapot, he learns from the tradition for the most parts. The moderate square and rounded shape is full of implied tension, and the fluent lines show the control ability of the maker whose heart and hands cooperate tacitly. However, the seamless and rotatable but not stagnant pot lids, which are shaped diversely, show the achievement of Zhu Jianglong, who has learnt the traditional formative technology of purple-clay teapot for the past few years.

    Exhibition venue: Fu Baoshi Hall of the Museum of Art of Nanjing Museum

    Date of Exhibit: From October 16th to 21st, 2010

    Flat belly teapot

    Bronze Age (1999) 400ml


    Cool breeze

    Pastoral loop-handled teapot


    Attached Information: Zhu Jianglong’s curriculum vitae

    In 1964, he was born in Dingshu town, Yixing city, Jiangsu province

    In 1987, he was admitted to Department of Art and Crafts, Nanjing University of the Arts
    In 1991, he graduated from the college. In the same year, he worked in Jiangsu Ceramic Art Society
    In 1992, he returned to Yixing and learnt the traditional craft and techniques of purple-clay teapot from Master Zhou Guizhen. Meanwhile, he learnt the technology of Yixing traditional ceramics in other kinds

    In 1993, he built kiln in Nanjing and established a personal studio
    In 2003, he created a personal pottery studio in art depot in Nanjing to date

    In 1990, the process of human being, a ceramic fresco, won the honorable mention and technology award in the first Jiangsu Fresco Exhibition. (Nanjing)
    In 1997, the special works of one hundred ceramists of Chinese top ten famous kilns were used for the exhibition of welcoming the returning of Hong Kong, and his works were collected by the organizing committee. (Hong Kong)
    In 1997, he participated in the first Chinese Exhibition of Modern Pottery in Shanghai. (Shanghai)
    In 1999, he was awarded with the industrial art in the sixth China Art Festival. (Nanjing)
    In 1999, he was awarded in Jiangsu Exhibition of Exquisite Industrial Arts. (Nanjing)
    In 2000, He took part in the Invitation Exhibition of School of Arts of Tsinghua University. (Beijing)

    In 2001, he took part in the first Exhibition of Chinese Ceramic Art. (Beijing)
    In 2001, he was awarded in Yixing International Exhibition of Ceramic Art. (Yixing)

    In 2003, along with Mr. Han Meilin and other six ceramists, he visited Japan and conducted academic exchanges with Japanese ceramists as well as visited exhibitions. (Mōka, Kyoto)
    In 2004, the event of China-France culture year was held by Ministry of Culture. He went to France to take part in the exhibition of Chinese pottery and graphic design and investigated the studios of French ceramists. (Paris)
    In 2005, he took part in Yixing Invitation Exhibition of International Pottery Discussion. (Yixing)
    In July, 2006, Fruit, one of his works, was selected into the first Invitation Exhibition of Ceramic Art of National Art Museum of China. (Beijing)
    In September, 2006, he was invited to participate in Taipei Teapot Exhibition of Tea Culture Exhibition. (Taipei)
    In August, 2008, he, together with Gao Yingzi, held Exhibition of double Ceramic Art Pottery & Porcelain in the library in the development area of Dalian.
    At present, he holds the post of Deputy President and Art Director of Jiangsu Tea Culture Society
    In 2009, he was awarded the honorable title of the first Arts and Crafts Master of Nanjing
















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