• 4th exhibition of "Chinese painting works world"
  • Source:Nanjing Museum | Release Time:2013-11-01
  • Details

    "Chinese painting works world" is a famous brand activity of Chinese art, its 4th exploration and creation, beginning from 2009 July, is conducted in eastern region, including Russia, Czech, Austria, Hungary and Shikoku; the participants include Xiao Ping, Chang Jin, Yang Chunhua, Zhuang Tianming, Xu Lele, Ding Fang, Hu Ningna, Nie Weigu, Yang Yan, Wu Weishan, etc. all of whom visited

     the major museums of art of the countries above, and appreciated the world famous works they had admired for long period; they witnessed these countries’ most famous historical places and city scenery. They watched the Russian circus in Moscow, enjoyed Mozart Symphony Orchestra’ play in the Golden Hall in Vienna, tasted traditional Western-style food in Czech castle and local coffee products inHungarysquare. After returning to China, it took more than half a year for the painters to portray the Eastern Europe’s beautiful scenery in their brush and create a series of new works integrated with both Chinese and Western styles. 

    "Chinese painting works world" has already been held four times continuously, and half of sketching task has been completed. The review of experts and the audiences’ demonstrates that overall level is gradually improved. Stimulated by exotic scenery, cultivated by classical masterpieces in important museums worldwide, and promoted by their growth, they draw many works different from the past ones, deepen and enhance their style and enrich their artistic life.

    After their four travels, respectively "South American tour", "Europe Tour", "UK tour" and "Eastern Europe Tour", on April 15, they has begun their fifth travel, "North Africa and Middle East tour", to  Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Jordan for sketching, then the artists of "Chinese painting works world" will bring fresh creation and unique visual feast for Jiangsu and Chinese painting circle.


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